Scott Wallace:

The Bizarre Multi-Millionaire

Disconnected Scott Wallace has donated millions to dangerous radical groups, wants to raise your taxes, but was busted for not paying his own and is trying to buy a seat in Congress with dishonest attack ads.

4 Facts about Scott Wallace voters in Bucks and Montgomery Counties need to know 

1. Scott Wallace is DISCONNECTED - he has claimed Maryland as "home" for nearly 40 years according to his tax records.

2. Scott Wallace is DANGEROUS - He funded the defense of terrorist detainees and donated on a platform to an unrepentant cop-killer.

3. Scott Wallace has BIZARRE IDEAS - He has a healthcare plan to end medicare as we know it and has a history of opposing victims of rape and sexual assault.

4. Scott Wallace is DISHONEST - He thinks he can buy his way to Congress with false attack ads.

Scott Wallace. Wrong for #PA01

Disconnected and Dangerous

Dishonest and Bizarre Ideas

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